No Regrets?

I don’t really believe in that, because I think that ignores other humans on your life path.

But I want to believe in speaking from your heart.

I don’t know how to human. At least the people who know me know this. For a long time, and still, I am just puzzle pieces shoved in a tight drawer. I want to share them with other humans, but don’t know how because they’re all messed up and don’t make a whole and pretty picture, and what comes out is that jarring, a mess of puzzle pieces. I’ve tried to find my people, people who are patient with a jagged and hilly road. I think my people know though that beneath it are doubloons and seashells and feathers.

So I don’t know the rules, and my people are the ones who don’t mind.

I went back to my old college a few days ago, to see old friends. It was on the scooter, so you can imagine That. So the drive was a nightmare, the distance, the potholes, the fact I could only go 40 at best when it was supposed to be 50. And my focus problems. I still think I would do better on a motorcycle though, there’s more to pay attention to. I’ve done that before.

So I saw those friends, and one, who was the bestest friend of all, the magic was just gone. I’ll miss him.

I haven’t spoken to any of them for a long time, but they were there, most of them, and I was glad to see them, scooter be damned.